Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Our children's cries

I was riding in my friends van last night. It was a van full with my friend, her husband, and their three kids. Guy was at my parents house with the boys and Genesis was with me.

It was loud as any van ride with 4 children would be. Genesis and I were sitting in the back seat. It was nice outside so the windows were open and the wind was whipping our hair in all directions.

We were driving over a long bridge overlooking a huge body of water. The waves were crashing on the huge rocks.

I was trying to get Genesis to look at the water below but she couldn't hear me with all the noise. Finally she realized what I was showing her and she lifted herself to the big window to see.

Next thing I know she was falling out of the window and into the water below.

I screamed at my friends to stop so I could go save her. They were instantly concerned but continued to drive.

I kept trying to scream. It felt like I had been punched in the gut and couldn't get my words out.

My friends kept driving. Further away from my drowning daughter.

They wanted to help but instead of just turning around and going towards the water, they talked back and forth about what would be the best direction to take to get us there.

My daughter continued to struggle.

I kept yelling, no one payed any attention.

Finally they stopped the van. I jumped out and took off running towards the water. All along I was yelling for help but everyone was to busy to even listen. I frantically ran by people as they stood there. Some were enjoying a cup a coffee while others were in a group talking about how they could help me.

Eventually I made it to the water. I didn't see my daughter anywhere.

I climbed over the huge rocks and jumped in.

I heard a small voice crying for help and swam blindly towards it as fast as I could.

Reaching out my hands I felt her, pulled her to me tightly and started for the top of the water for life saving air.

Mommy, Mommy.

I heard the little voice beside me and felt a hand tugging at my shirt.

I opened my eyes and saw Zane standing beside my bed.

It was 3:30AM and he wanted a cup of milk. He also had a big jar of peanut butter and large spoon on the floor ready for a middle of the night snack.

This nightmare would be the first of many I have had over the past year. Sometimes it's Jude, other nights, Zane. Usually drowning. Always I can hear their little voices, always I am struggling to get to them, always everyone around me is either too busy to help or wasting time discussing how to help. But no action.

This past week my nightmares were proven wrong.

This past week people from all over heard the cries of my son with me.


And you moved to action.


We have never met. I found her blog and followed her stories of rescuing her son and then advocating for Gavin.

Julia heard the desperate,little,drowning voice.

She put down her coffee and RAN

No time to discuss how

Just took off in an all out run for her life

For my sons life

Then you all joined her in the race

Friends, family, people I have never met or seen

You ran!!!


Thank you for running with me

You gave over $5,000. WOW

This race isn't over

Thank you for continuing to run beside us

We will save Gavin

Together we will pull him from the drowning waters into the arms of the ones that love him


Mel December 21, 2010 at 7:55 AM  

Lindy, that post is wonderful. God bless you as you follow His leading and save your little boy's life.

jessica December 21, 2010 at 8:52 PM  

Such a gripping post. I am moved to do something, even if something small is all I can do. Praise God for the gift of love!:)

travcat December 29, 2010 at 8:27 PM  

I am so relieved that was a dream! I have dreams that one of my kids gets lost! Awful! So happy you are adopting Gavin! Praying you get to bring him home soon!


carolyn January 2, 2011 at 6:56 PM  

Gavin's tiny face hung on my Christmas tree this year.....and as I put my decorations away today, I was in awe of all that's happened since I read Julia's blog, visited Reece's Rainbow and prayed for him to be saved.

And he was.
God is Good!
Blessings to you & your family- I'm so THRILLED for ALL of you!!



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