Friday, December 31, 2010

Hello my name is...

Knowing that we were going to be adopting someday, we had several names picked out for our future children.
Genesis keeps the running list.
I have a girls name (I've had picked out since my teens) I cannot wait to use someday, but I am keeping it a secret so no one steals it! haha

We had several boys names, but two of them were our favorites.

Now I know that most everyone is use to calling "Gavin", Gavin. Most of my family said they prefer that name. But "Gavin" was only given to him as a screen name. And as much as it has grown on me, I kept thinking that just wasn't it.

After much thought, we decided to use our two favorite names. Which, as you will see are perfect for them.

Our "Gavin" will be



Gabe is derived from Gabriel. It's meaning is: to prevail, be mighty, have strength.

Very fitting I would say

And our second newest addition will be named



Levi means: to join, unite

I will be keeping their given names they have now as their middle names but I can't share those with you until the boys are legally ours:)

Gabe, you may be small, but I know you WILL prevail. You will grow up to be a mighty man of God full of strength and love. We cannot wait to hold you in our arms.

Levi, you waited so long to have a family of your own. One that loves you unconditionally. We cannot wait to be joined together soon! I also know that through you, many will be united together with Christ.

Tanya sent me this song last night. It was perfect for my boys. I just had to make a slide show for them:)
"Love Me" by JJ Heller

We are coming soon for you Gabe and Levi!

House family of seven!!!

We had hoped all along that we could bring home 2 children.
We had our eye on both Gavin and another little guy, we just were not sure if some legalities would work out for us to be able to get both.

Well, our dream has come true

Meet our son

He just turned 5 years old in December. His information says that he is a very active little boy, but is facing the institution VERY soon.

Hold on buddy, mommy and daddy are coming!

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Our children's cries

I was riding in my friends van last night. It was a van full with my friend, her husband, and their three kids. Guy was at my parents house with the boys and Genesis was with me.

It was loud as any van ride with 4 children would be. Genesis and I were sitting in the back seat. It was nice outside so the windows were open and the wind was whipping our hair in all directions.

We were driving over a long bridge overlooking a huge body of water. The waves were crashing on the huge rocks.

I was trying to get Genesis to look at the water below but she couldn't hear me with all the noise. Finally she realized what I was showing her and she lifted herself to the big window to see.

Next thing I know she was falling out of the window and into the water below.

I screamed at my friends to stop so I could go save her. They were instantly concerned but continued to drive.

I kept trying to scream. It felt like I had been punched in the gut and couldn't get my words out.

My friends kept driving. Further away from my drowning daughter.

They wanted to help but instead of just turning around and going towards the water, they talked back and forth about what would be the best direction to take to get us there.

My daughter continued to struggle.

I kept yelling, no one payed any attention.

Finally they stopped the van. I jumped out and took off running towards the water. All along I was yelling for help but everyone was to busy to even listen. I frantically ran by people as they stood there. Some were enjoying a cup a coffee while others were in a group talking about how they could help me.

Eventually I made it to the water. I didn't see my daughter anywhere.

I climbed over the huge rocks and jumped in.

I heard a small voice crying for help and swam blindly towards it as fast as I could.

Reaching out my hands I felt her, pulled her to me tightly and started for the top of the water for life saving air.

Mommy, Mommy.

I heard the little voice beside me and felt a hand tugging at my shirt.

I opened my eyes and saw Zane standing beside my bed.

It was 3:30AM and he wanted a cup of milk. He also had a big jar of peanut butter and large spoon on the floor ready for a middle of the night snack.

This nightmare would be the first of many I have had over the past year. Sometimes it's Jude, other nights, Zane. Usually drowning. Always I can hear their little voices, always I am struggling to get to them, always everyone around me is either too busy to help or wasting time discussing how to help. But no action.

This past week my nightmares were proven wrong.

This past week people from all over heard the cries of my son with me.


And you moved to action.


We have never met. I found her blog and followed her stories of rescuing her son and then advocating for Gavin.

Julia heard the desperate,little,drowning voice.

She put down her coffee and RAN

No time to discuss how

Just took off in an all out run for her life

For my sons life

Then you all joined her in the race

Friends, family, people I have never met or seen

You ran!!!


Thank you for running with me

You gave over $5,000. WOW

This race isn't over

Thank you for continuing to run beside us

We will save Gavin

Together we will pull him from the drowning waters into the arms of the ones that love him

Friday, December 17, 2010

I'll love you forever, I'll like you for always, as long as I'm living my baby you'll be

Last week after we chose "Gavin" and were waiting for the paperwork in order to go public and be completely committed to him, I received an email from the director of Reece's Rainbow. It read, "Gavin is quite delayed, and has some sensory need to be prepared for these things. He has tremendous potential for blossoming and growth, but he is struggling right now."

She sent this picture that was taken just days before. He is going to be six in February. SIX.


That would be my Jude. THIS is a six year old.


My heart skipped a beat and fear set in instantly.

What in the world are we getting ourselves into?

Did we make the right choice?

Minutes later after almost letting those thoughts take over my mind, I talked to God about it.

I know, I'm brilliant.

PEACE. Instant peace. Completely took over.

YES, we made the right choice!

Life is full of questions. Nothing is guaranteed on this earth.

Should that stop us from doing what God calls us to do?

I remember when Guy and I had marriage counseling. Our good friends and mentors, Pastor Jeff and Cheryl asked me a question I will never forget.
They asked that if Guy never changed one bit from that moment, would I still what to marry him? And what if Guy completely changed after marriage, would I still want to be with him?

Lots of people go into marriage thinking, "Oh, after a few weeks my spouse will be doing things the way I want..."
Or, they think that their future spouse is going to be the same person 20 years from now and never change.

Boy are you in for a surprise if you go into marriage with these thoughts.

Marriage has many ups and downs. Lots of learning of each other, patience, love, commitment.

It's a covenant. You know that God brought you together and you must be faithful and put your trust in Him for all that lies ahead.

We know that God brought Gavin into our lives. We had our eyes on 2 other children but when we went to ask about them other families already committed to them.

I had been following Julia's blog as she brought her sweet Aaron home from the institution. Julia wrote stories of what she experienced and what the fate of Gavin would be if he gets transferred.
I sent her blog to Guy one day at work for him to read, along with a picture of Gavin.

Guy wrote back shortly and said, "Lets get him!"

We do need to work quickly. Gavin is next in line to be transferred out of the baby orphanage. We need to bring him home before that happens!

Guy and I feel more than ever that this is our son. We will work as hard as we can to raise the funds to bring him home.

We do not know all of Gavin's needs, but God does.

We will love him if he never changes.

We will love him if he changes completely.

He is our son.

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

"House, family of SIX"

I have been waiting months for the day to come that I could finally announce that we will be adding another child to our home. I thought over and over about what I would write and now that it is here, I hardly know where to begin!
I think I will give you the short version right now and then come back later to tell the story from the beginning.

For now I will tell you that we are beyond thrilled to be adopting a little boy from Eastern Europe. He is a beautiful, blue eyed, blond hair, 5 year old boy with down syndrome.

Down syndrome, how exciting is that!!!

Yes, I said exciting!!!

Anyone that really knows me knows that I was always drawn to down syndrome. Ask my childhood friend Dawn, she will tell you that ever since I was little I would say that someday I would have a child with down syndrome.

And if you know me, you know that I always planned on adopting.

Then one day my friend Maria
posted a picture of a beautiful boy from Reece's Rainbow that needed to be rescued.

I fell in love.

I immediately went onto the Reece's Rainbow site and spent hours scrolling through all the different faces of the children.

I knew I would be adopting one of these children someday. That was about a year ago.

That someday is finally here!!!!

We have committed to adopting "Gavin" (not his real name) and so our adoption process will begin.

Our sweet boy

Our family's page on Reece's Rainbow

I cannot wait to see him smile

This is the part of the story where you all come in. And this part I will write about now because time is short and this is why.

By God's grace Gavin is still in the baby orphanage. But he will be transferred if we don't get him out of there QUICK.

In Eastern Europe they only keep the children in the baby orphanage until about the age of 4 or 5. After that time they transfer them to an institution at which point 80% of them die within the first year.

Please read about this from a family that recently rescued their son and witnessed the institutions first hand.
The Sad Reality
Part 2

This journey we are about to be on is going to be rough at times.

It cost around $25,000 to complete the adoption.
(I will post a break down of the cost soon)

We also only have one car, and as nice of a car as it is, complete with my sons name on it,


it only seats five. So we will also need to raise money to purchase a van.

I know, if I didn't loose you at the "adopting a child with down syndrome" part,
you are now thinking we have totally lost our minds.

How in the world do we expect to raise over twenty-five thousand dollars!?!?!? In a few short months no less.

Good news.

I know someone.

And this SOMEONE owns a cattle on a thousand hills.

$25,000 = A drop in the bucket for Him

Van = Drop - in - the - bucket

I KNOW that this is God's will for us.

Actually, it is God's will for EVERYONE to care for the orphan.

The particular way in which a Christian feels led to care for orphans is
'optional' (adoption, sponsorship, volunteering, etc)
CARING for them is not.

We will be doing many things to raise our money fast.

I have already been taking on as many photo shoots as possible and 100% of the money is going towards our adoption.
Lindy House Photography

I plan on selling T-shirts, jewelery, etc. And some of my prints like this one


Guy and I are no strangers to fund-raising. We have done more car washes with our youth groups then I care to think about.

But we will do whatever it takes to save our son. Our SON!!! :)

If you are a parent, you know exactly what I am talking about. You know that if your child was hurt, sick, kidnapped, you would do ANYTHING to help them and get them HOME.

Whatever it takes.

We would love for you to join us on this journey.

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE watch this below
(Scroll to the bottom of my page and pause the music box first)

If you want to jump right in and start helping, please visit Julia's blog where she has already been raising funds for Gavin before anyone ever committed to him. Isn't that awesome?!?! Julia blesses my socks off.
You can enter your name in a drawing with as little as $5 to win an iPad!!!!

"House, family of SIX"


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