Saturday, February 4, 2012

A Dream Coming True

Dream: a cherished hope; ambition; aspiration

We met Kole 7 months ago on our trip to adopt Gabe and Levi. It was on one of our visits while we were out walking with Levi that Genesis saw a group of children that looked to be from Levi's room. We made our way over to them, not knowing if that was ok or not.
The workers didn't mind at all so we started to interact with the kids, blowing bubbles, taking pictures and video.

There was one boy in particular that caught my eye and stole my heart.


There he sat looking lonely but hopeful. Genesis sat beside him and he instantly reached for her hand, content to sit and hold it tight. He wasn't aggressive at all but very calm and quite. Nothing brought a smile to his face more than when he could just be next to you.

I remember when a couple of my friends went to this same orphanage and told me how they had seen a sweet boy with down syndrome in their boys group. They said that unfortunately he wasn't able to be adopted because his parents hadn't signed over the papers to release him.
When I saw Kole I instantly knew this must be the boy they talked about and I thought how sad it was that he would never have the opportunity to be loved in a family.

Genesis and I loved on Kole every chance we could. Guy never did get to meet him as he was caring for Gabe off in the distance.

Fast forward to us coming home. Without going into details, it was found out that Kole was actually available for adoption. His paperwork had been mixed up with another child's.

This was wonderful news and now that I know this I should be advocating for him. I just knew that once someone saw his sweet face he would be snatched right up!
But I just couldn't bring myself to do it. I was torn between knowing that finding him a family would be the right thing to do and wanting us to be that family.

Everyday I dreamed of him. I could picture him fitting in perfectly with our crazy bunch.

Several weeks ago I was sharing with a good friend how much I would love to adopt Kole, but I knew that it wasn't an option for us. Or so I thought;)

I started to think if maybe it was possible. Could there actually be a way?

I talked to Guy seriously about the possibilities.
I then learned that there were inquiries being made about him from other families.
This was it, if he is meant to be ours, now is the time to make it happen.
After consulting with other wise families and friends I knew that we could definitely do this.

Guy gave me the green light to proceed and we are on our way to beginning the process of making Kole ours!

This is not something that I sought out. I honestly did not see us returning to UA anytime soon! But man are we EXCITED!!!!

And for those of you thinking, another BOY?!? Well, again, if it wasn't for the fact that we met Kole and fell in love with this particular child, this wouldn't be happening right now.
No worries though, I'm sure Genesis' dream of having a sister will happen one day as well.

So what now? Fundraising, paperwork, phone calls, organizing the house, babysitters, etc. I will post about all that and more soon!

Seriously, don't you just love this sweet face???


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