Wednesday, February 23, 2011

My sisters like to make me cry

One of my last blog post was from my sister Tanya. Tear jerker. She shared her heart, it was beautiful.

Now my other sister Kara went and posted. Another tear jerker for me.

OK Maybe there are other reasons I'm so emotional lately, but still.

Here is her post. I would LOVE LOVE LOVE for you all to be involved with this!!!

100 Prayers Quilt

I am totally stealing this idea from some friends of mine that adopted a super sweet little girl from China a little over three years ago. I hope they don't mind=)

There's an old Chinese tradition that some of you may have heard of before, its called "bai jia bei", "100 wishes quilt", though we might want to call it “100 prayers quilt”. The way it works is that we ask friends and family to pick out a fabric of their choice (it can have some meaning to you or just be a pattern you happen to like), and mail two (four, 2 for Gabe & two for Levi) 7" squares of that material to us along with a scripture verse or prayer you would like to pray for Gabe & Levi.

Once I collect all the squares, I will begin to sew a quilt for Gabe & Levi. The reason I ask for two squares is that one of the squares will be used for the actual quilt, while the other I will use to cut a piece and place in a scrapbook along with the prayer, scripture, or note you include.

Stefen just bought me a new sewing machine and I've been waiting to use it for something awesome, so I'm really excited about this!

*Please don’t worry about the fabrics matching anything, it will be exciting how God puts it all together.*

Since there are two little boys, I will be making a quilt for each of them.

So, in a nutshell, this is what I’m asking of you:

• Mail 4 (2 for each boy) 7” fabric squares (100% cotton is preferred), along with a scripture or prayer (or both) for Gabe and Levi (one for each boy, please!)

• Mail it to me at: 8137 Crystal Brook Circle Brooksville, FL 34601

If you have any questions just send me a message on facebook or email me at

Thank you and God Bless,



Sarah February 23, 2011 at 7:37 PM  

OOO! I would LOVE to do that!! While I'm not able to contribute financially to your adoption, I am praying for you, and being an advid sewing, I would LOVE to do this! My squares will be in teh mail soon!


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