Friday, June 4, 2010

This little piggie went to the market...This little piggie had faith

On Thursday, May 20th we were at our church for a staff meeting. Our kids were playing house and Jude decided to push a table over for their "home". Zane was standing there watching in his bare feet as the table landed right on his little foot. His foot swelled immediately and began to bruise. I held him as he cried and he soon fell asleep.

I figured we would know if it was serious when Zane woke up. If it wasn't, he would have forgot about it and would be off playing as usual. Well, as soon as I put him down he instantly held up his sore foot and cried out that it hurt. This must be more then a bruise.

I had Jude, Genesis, and their friend pray for him. Such sweet prayers:)

We were able to get a script to go straight to X Ray at the Hospital.

The report? A broken foot. The 2nd metatarsal.

We were told by his Pediatrician that they take these breaks very seriously in young children because their bones are not fully developed, and if not set right he could have problems later on. We were set to see a specialist in Knoxville the following Monday.

As I was talking on the phone to my mom about all that happened she asked me, "Why don't you take Zane up front on Sunday so the Elders and Pastors can pray for him?" Now why didn't I think of that?

I know many of the healings in the Bible were specifically for the unbelievers that were standing by observing. I started to excited at the thought. I told the kids to remember that through their prayers and our faith as a family to believe God for a miracle, God may just heal Zane's foot. I really wanted them to know and see God in an awesome way.

Zane continued through the weekend not ever setting his foot down. He would wince if anyone touched it by accident. His mood was great though the whole time, such a tough boy. He figured out how to crawl around to get what he needed.

Sunday at the end of the service we took Zane to the front and Pastor laid hands on him and prayed for a healing.

James 5:14 Is any one of you sick? He should call the elders of the church to pray over him and anoint him with oil in the name of the Lord. And the prayer offered in faith will make the sick person well; the Lord will raise him up.

Monday afternoon we went to Zane's specialist. They needed to take more X Rays since they didn't have the original from Thursday. The Doctor came in and started talking about how Zane may have a break in his leg which was causing his pain. I was so confused. I asked him what about the break in his foot? He said there wasn't one.


I asked again.

He looked right at me and said (kind of aggravated) "There ISN'T one".

But what about the first X Ray? He said he doesn't know, but what he knows is there is absolutely no broken bone in his foot.

He wanted another X Ray of his leg because he said there could be a break there. They see that sometimes due to the child turning sharply when a heavy object falls on them.
Well, that X Ray came back and again NO breaks! It was a strange feeling of, I knew it! and WOW.

The Doctor suggested a cast for just 2 weeks because Zane still had bruises and he didn't want him to re-injure himself. I agreed mostly because Zane was so excited about getting a blue boot!!
He was hilarious while the nurse put it on. He kept making her laugh by making sound effects as she wrapped the tape. He excitedly wiggled his toes and squealed, "Look, I can walk now!!" He got off the table and INSISTED on WALKING out of the Doctors office. I asked him if his foot was all better and he said yes. I reminded him how we prayed, and reminded Jude and Genesis how they prayed, and Jesus healed him.

Now this may sound like a small miracle, if there ever really could be such a thing. But I believe that God showed up. My children got to witness His power from their simple faith.

I also remembered how God showed up 2 years ago when Genesis was in the Hospital diagnosed with Lemierre's syndrome. She is perfectly healthy today. And the time that while I was pregnant with Jude they found a cyst on his kidney during my first ultrasound. After the prayers of many I went back for another ultrasound and the tech said. "I don't know what they saw, but there is absolutely no cyst here".

What an AWESOME God we have. I thank Him for showing up so that maybe someone that is reading this will be encouraged or even come to know Him for the first time.

I'm thankful that my children will know Who to put their faith in.

I Love God.

Not for what He does, but Who He is.

Because if He chooses to never do another miracle in our lives I will still know that He is in control.



Lisa McSpadden September 2, 2010 at 1:53 PM  

I LOVE THIS POST!!!! What a precious story and such a great faith lesson for your kiddos! :)



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