Sunday, June 3, 2012

2 Families. 2 little boys. 2gether we can do this!

I couldn't make this story up if I tried.

Over 5 years ago Maria Falvo and I met at a homeschool get-together. We talked briefly and saw each other maybe a couple more times that year. 
We never kept in touch, Facebook wasn't the big thing yet;)

Two years ago while I was living in TN we found each other online. Maria was in the process of adopting Benji and Tayia. I then moved back to FL and we began the process
 to adopt Gabe and Levi. 
After committing to my boys we found out that her Taiya and my Gabe were actually
 in the same crib together. 
We also learned that Levi took Benji's place in his group after Benji went home with the Falvo's. 
How crazy is that!

While in Ukraine Maria and her husband saw a little boy that caught their eye. 
He was Benji's best buddy. 
He was sweet and kind, and wanted nothing more than to have a mommy and daddy.
Long story short, the Falvo's are returning to adopt Phillip! 

We also met an adorable, blue eyed little boy while we were adopting last year. 
He was in Levi's group.
 Kole.  We fell in love at first sight.   
By God's amazing grace and goodness, we are going back to rescue our sweet boy! 

Two families.

Adopted 2 children each, from the same orphanage.

Two families

we live only minutes from each other

Returning for our sons buddies

Who will soon be BROTHERS

I couldn't make this stuff up! We did.not.plan.this. Only God

Our two families are now only awaiting our travel date to adopt Kole and Phillip, which we expect to have within 4 weeks!

God has been so amazing in writing every chapter of our stories. He has provided every single step of the way. Many of you have already been a part of that provision, and we are incredibly thankful.

With only $3,000 dollars each that we have to raise, we are confidant that God will once again provide.

Maria and I together decided to do one last big fundraiser and we are so excited! 
Many of you have donated some amazing items!!!

If you would like to be a part of reuniting 2 little boys and bringing them HOME to be sons and brothers, here is your opportunity:)

This whole month of June we will have an online auction. Both of our blogs will have the exact same items and the chip-in will go directly to the same account to be split between both families. 
Our hope and prayer is to raise the remaining $6,000 we both need to travel and rescue our boys. 

Here is how it will work:

*For every $10 donation you will get your name entered once.

*Entries can be made the whole month of June.

*The last day to enter will be June 30, 2012.

*We will draw names on July 1st and contact you so that you may pick your prize. 
1st name gets first choice, 2nd name drawn gets to choose from the remaining, and so on.

We have so many great items for many of you to enjoy!

Of course the more entries you make, the higher chance you get to have the gift of your choice.

We will keep drawing names until the last gift is claimed. 

*This just in! Someone has generously offered to give $1,300 
IF we can get 30 people to each get FIVE of their friends in the next 5 days to enter. 
For each of you that gets 5 friends to enter, we will give YOU FIVE entries for yourself!
The deal gets even sweeter.....
All local (Hernando County, FL) people who take the challenge and sign 10 of their friends up will get half a dozen cake pops made by "Little Big Cakes
hand delivered to you! 
How sweet is that! 

So spread the word on FB, at your office, church, etc. Get 5 or 10 friends each to commit and let us know by leaving a comment with the list of names.
Once we hit 30 taking the challenge, we will automatically receive $1,300!!!!!!
Challenge starts NOW! 
(Deadline is Monday, June 11th) 

Are you ready for this?!?! Here is the list of all the great prizes you can win!

iPad 2

Donated by Jana Knox $400 Value 

Kindle Fire
Donated by Gretchen Thibault $200 Value

Adult large navy 147 Million T-Shirt
Donated by $20 Value

 Ladies small pink 147 Million T- Shirt
Donated by $20 Value

Child's green 147 Million T-Shirt
 Donated by $20 Value

147 Million Burlap Bag Zippered 11" across pretty pink interior.
 Donated by $30 Value

~ Raggedy Quilt
~ Measures 34" x 39"
~ three patterns - lavender w/ small white polka dots; green w/ white paisley; green background w/ blue, lavender & yellow flowers.
~ Back and front layers are made from 100% cotton. Middle layer is soft and cuddly 100% cotton flannel.
~ I've pre-washed it in Dreft detergent to begin the ragging & softening process. Each time it's washed it will get more cuddly soft.
~ This particular quilt would sell for $57.00. 
Hand Made and Donated by Debbie Gableman 

This necklace is made out of recycled magazines! It was made in Uganda where the average yearly income is $300 and parents have to pay for their children to attend school. A single mom made this necklace so that her children can attend school.
Donated by Tisha Alexander value $30

Seinna Richie  Lacey Shopper large handbag $89 Value
Donated by Maria Falvo

 Handmade Bracelets
Donated by Sarah at 

 Custom owl hat Donated by Sarah
The winner of the owl hat can choose the size and color they would like, and I will make it and get it out to them. More info on the owl hats here

 Choice of designer look wallets
Donated by Gaby Broderick

Coach Change Purse. 
Comes with bag and box $78 Value
Donated by Emily Nolan

Knot Dress $35 Value

 Lori Harris has donated either a custom boys outfit or a custom girls dress. Winner will chose. $35 Value

Hand Made and Donated by Becky Hilfer. Proceeds help the poor in Guatemala.
Created using Rosaline Swarovski Pearls, Rose Swarovski Cubes, Silver Plated Swarovski Rondelles, Silver Plated tube, Beads, Spacers and clasp.

 $50 Amazon Gift Card 
Donated by Gaby Broderick

Custom cloth doll you choose features $29 Value
Donated by Becky Wangerin 
Who is going back for a little girl!

Coach Wrislet 
Comes with bag and coach box $48 Value
Donated by Emily Nolan 

Pampered Chef Leak proof glass container 1.5cup
Donated by Maria Falvo 

$25 Gift Certificate to use online at
Donated by Jennifer Griffith & Tiffany Grumbley
(2 available)

Handmade Dress and Matching Bow $30 Value
Donated by Jessica Chinni  

iTunes Gift Card $15 Value
Donated by Jessica Chinni

Set of 10 handmade Cards Assorted
Donated by Mel DeLlanos

Thirty-One Retro Metro Bag $55 Value
Donated by Rachel Golden 

Scentsy Warmer & 3 Scents $50 Value
Donated by Bianca Olivier 

Hand made Pie Plate

To donate simply click on the ChipIn! button below. 
For every $10 we will enter your name once.
After you enter in your amount and log in to Paypal, please leave your email address in the "note to seller" section so we can contact you for your prize
Your transaction will show up as "Lindy House Photography"



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